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Here’s a link to some photos, I hope… Hopefully it’ll work, let me know if it doesn’t! Advertisements

Written on Sunday, tweaked yesterday, posted today… OK, I know, I can’t really complain about not getting email, coz I haven’t been very good at keeping the blog up to date, have I? Sorry, internet access isn’t as easy as broadband back in the UK. I also haven’t fathomed how to upload photos onto the […]

I’m not being very good with this blog, am I? Life in the VSO In Country Training (ICT) is pretty busy! I’m currently sitting in a starbucks-esk coffee shop utilising their wifi having paid for a iced green tea which cost more than my tea in a local café last night… So, here’s a brief […]

I’m here!


Hello from Sri Lanka! I’ve made it, and after all my talking I’m actually here in Colombo, sweating, getting bitten by mossies and trying to learn Sinhala…  There are 7 of us volunteers starting work here at the same time so we’re all helping each other with our insecurities and loaning each other various lotions/potions and […]