30th July-5th August – Kandy, Tangalle & now


We had the annual VSO staff and volunteer conference in Kandy. I’d been on the organising committee for the 2 day conference, and we’d come up with some quite interesting sessions getting folk to think about where their placements fit in relation to our beneficiaries, the organisations we work with and the goals VSO is trying to achieve. It all went swimmingly which was good, with folk getting into it and not minding a good bit of role play and speed dating! Although it felt like all I did for 3 days was eat. There was a buffet and it had Western food, so I tucked into cauliflower cheese, macaroni cheese, bread and butter pudding and scrambled eggs & beans like I was never going to eat again – more yoga required me thinks! When the conference was over, for various reasons which then changed (I really do need to learn not to forward plan too much) I hitched a lift with a VSO van down to Tangalle on the Saturday. We had a meeting there on the Tuesday, so I’d negotiated with my boss to work from Tangalle on the Monday. I was trying to split up the travel, but I hadn’t appreciated it would be a 10 hour trip from Kandy to Tangalle via Colombo. Travel makes me so tired which is odd as you’re just sitting there, but I managed to sleep 12 hours after that trip! Working by the beach was great, although I did find myself staring at the waves on more than one occasion, rather than reading my work documents.

So that just about brings us up to date. This weekend I’ve actually been at home, which has been good – although means I’ve spent the entire day today sweeping, mopping and washing. I share my house with a number of gekkos which are quite cute little things who eat insects, so I should welcome them. But the little swines poo everywhere – they can stick their poo to the wall, which I’m quite impressed with, but it just adds to the pesky cleaning.

So, life’s going well. I’m settling into my house, which I’m still feeling very lucky to have. Work’s difficult – I feel a little out of my depth, and I’m finding it hard to get involved with staff. I’m going to have to get tough I think – my softly, softly approach has got me so far, but I need to be a bit more firm I think. It’s all going in the right direction though.

There’s loads of stuff I’d like to pontificate about, but no time now – my ironing awaits. I’m really enjoying my life here, although sometimes the routine of coming home from work, making something to eat and lunch for the next day, then washing up and it being bed-time reminds me of life in the UK. But it’s warm and I can go to the beach at the weekend if I want, which makes it more bearable somehow!

Hope you’re all well? I’m sad I’m missing the Edinburgh Festival, first time in 15 odd years I think. Go and see a show for me!


4 Responses to “30th July-5th August – Kandy, Tangalle & now”

  1. 1 Daniel

    Hi Sarah

    I had an engrossing afternoon of work avoidance yesterday whilst catching up on your blog entries after the tip-off from your Facebook status, which has helped me to make more sense of the photos that you’ve been uploading there and has generally put me in awe of what you are doing with VSO, so keep up the blogging when you have the time!

    Edinburgh has been quite miserable for the last week or so, probably so that all the tourists visiting for the festival get an appropriate impression of the weather here… Having said that I would totally fail to cope with somewhere like Sri Lanka given that I was overheating when it was actually rather nice a few weeks ago, so I can’t complain!

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

  2. 2 wardysworld

    Hey Dan!

    Great to hear that I’ve facilitated an afternoon of procrastination at work and glad you’ve been interested by the words and photos. Facebook plays up sometimes, so I write comments for the photos then lose the connection when I save 😦 which is most frustrating.

    My attitude to rain has changed completely here – I look forward to it because it tends to lower the humidity and thus reducing the perspiration count. Not by much of course!

    Keep in touch & enjoy the festival…


  3. 3 claire k

    Hey there missey!

    aye the rain…sigh…just back from our hols in the lake district – it poured most of the time we were there!! Still had a great time splashing in puddles and feeding ducks (every so slightly different from last year!!)

    glad you are enjoying life over there. Gekkos sticking their poos to the walls is the main fact i have retained from your blog!!

    take care

  4. 4 wardysworld

    Hey Claire!

    Oh dear, sorry to hear about the weather, but sounds like you got on with it anyway!

    Just back from the Perahera in Kandy, which was amazing – you would love it. Maybe you could bring the wee man in years to come? Will try and post words and pictures this week.

    S x

    Wait till I blog about the cow poos – they’re huge and everywhere! Not in my house though, of course…

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